Issue: 01'2015

01'2015 The issue covers the issues of design and development of small spacecraft, pseudo satellites high-altitude solar-powered atmospheric unmanned aerial vehicles; problems of development of super-heavy-lift launchers, high-pressure metal-composite vessels; studies of impacts of SC modifications reliability on space system development program and other aspects of unmanned cosmonautics are overviewed.




Torres Sanchez C.G., Vorontsov V.A., Pichkhadze K.M., Krainov A.. The problematic issues of engineering solutions for small-sized descent vehicles

Daniluk A.Yu., Klyushnikov V.Yu., Kuznetsov I.I., Osadchenko A.S. Problems of design & development of perspective super-heavy launch vehicles

syushkin V.., Vikulenkov V.P., Lebedev .N., Lukyanets S.V., Moroz N.G. Development of higheffective metal-base composite high-pressure vessel

Demenko .G., Mikhalenkov N.. On some approaches to selection of shock test benches for autonomous testing of spacecraft equipment items

Barabanov A.A., Papchenko B.P., Pichkhadze K.M., Rebrov S.G., Semenkin A.V., Sysoev V.., Yanchur S.V. Proposals on creation of space systems of small spacecraft and the transport energy module with nuclear energy installation

Matveev Yu.., Lamzin V.., Lamzin V.V. Study of SC modifications reliability impact on space system development program

Kulkov V.M., Egorov Yu.G., Krainov A.M., Shakhanov A.E., Elnikov R.V. On the issue of design of small spacecraft with electric propulsion unit intended for studies of Solar system small bodies

Klimenko N.N. Preliminary design of pseudo satellites: basic methods and feasibility criterions

Belonogov O.B. The identification method for the non-dimensional parameters of liquid flows in boll safety and relief valves of rocket steering actuators and SC main propulsion systems

Brusov V.S., Karchaev Kh.Zh., Klimenko N.N., Martynov M.B., Pichkhadze K.M., Semenov V.V., Targamadze R.Ch. Problems of pseudo satellites development – Solar-Powered High Altitude Atmospheric Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Pavlov D.V., Petrov D.S. Tuning of spacecraft propulsion system model using three stage decomposition method

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