Issue: 01'2016

01'2016 A new issue of the journal presents the articles devoted to the cruise trajectories to the Moon and Jupiter; landing on the Moon surface; development of aero space system on the basis of pseudo spacecraft; and cost-efficient reducing-ejector thermal control ground system; principles of interaction between onboard computer and control system.




Likhachev V.N., Fedotov V.P.

The method of evaluation of direction of gravity acceleration in active phase of SC landing on Mars surface

Moskatiniev I.V., Tulin D.V., Shabarchin A.F., Privezenchev А.S., Ivanov N.N.

Energy-conserving reduction-ejector GTCS for spacecraft

Gordienko E.S., Khudorozhkov P.А.

On the question of selection of rational trajectory to the Moon

Klimenko N.N.

Program and objective approach to aerospace system development on the pseudosatellite basis

Golubev Yu.F., Tuchin A.G., Grushevskii A.V., Koryanov V.V., Tuchin D.A., Morskoy I.M., Simonov A.V., Dobrovolskii V.S.

The main methods of trajectories synthesis for gravity assist space missions to the Jupiter system with landing on one of its satellites (completion)

Sokolov А.S., Komkov V.А., Mozgovoy Yu.V.

Philosophy of the control unit preparing and functioning programming system design and specialized programming language

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