Issue: 01'2020

01'2020 <p align="center"> Abstract to the website of Vestnik NPO imeni S.A. Lavochkina 1, 2020 </p> <p align="center"> </p> <p> The first issue of the journal in 2020 includes the articles about the history of the development and problems of the automated system for attachment and deployment of the on-board manipulator of Buran orbiter; the method of simulation of the Mars landers landing on Mars surface; the basics of the design selection of the structural materials while designing the precision space structures and etc. </p>




Editorial article

Zanin ..

Consolidated method of determination of the Synthetic Aperture Radar resolution

Telepnev P.P., Zhiryakov A.V., Gerasimchuk V.V.

Design calculation of the vibration load level of spacecraft structural elements by dynamic analysis

Moisheev A.A.

Background of design selection of engineering materials at creation of precise space structures

Shevchenko S.N.

Justification method for the spacecraft modernization programs

Sakharov M.V., Konrady D.S.

Evaluation of the influence of interference on the solution of information problems by spacecraft optical-electronic systems

Malenkov M.I., Volov V.A.

utomatic system for fastening and deployment of the on-board manipulator of the orbital ship Buran: problems and history of creation

Chikov V.A., Volchenkov A.S., Petrov A.S., Prilutskiy A.A.

Computer program for modeling space synthetic aperture radar active phased array antenna characteristics

Telepnev P.P., Kuznetsov D.A., Zhiryakov A.V., Plaskeev N.A.

On the dynamic behavior of electromachic actuators for precision spacecraft

Ushakov V.V., Shcherbakov A.M.

Controlled pressurization of the rocket tank

Grishin S.A., Zakharov Y.V., Zashchirinsky S.A., Loshakov V.A., Markachev N.A., Mikhailov D.N.

Dynamic test bench simulation of SC landing on the Mars surface

Vyatlev P.A., Shemanov A.G., Kharitonov S.G., Mishin Yu.N.

On manufacturing of a SC foil electric heaters by laser processing technologies

Markachev N.A., Sobolev Y.A., Petukhov I.S., Mikhaylov D.N., Knyazev B.A., Savinkova K.Y.

Development and applications of the titanium alloy sheet hot deformation control method by adjustment of its temperature field

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