Issue: 02'2015

02'2015 The articles of this issue cover such topics as functional capability enhancement of SC Onboard control system control and diagnostic system, optimization of interplanetary trajectories of SC with solar electric minimum-power propulsion system, spatial resolution of SC Earth Remote Sensing imaging instruments; describe transformable vehicles descending in planet atmospheres, onboard module for capturing of particles of extraterrestrial origin and their delivery on Earth; researches of Mars atmosphere impact on ExoMars 2018 Descent Module and other items. Also, the topic of decision making support while parrying emergencies on board the International Space Station using smart technologies is continued in the issue.




Editorial article

Pichkhadze K.M., Finchenko V.S., Aleksashkin S.N., Ostreshko B.A.
The transformable descent modules

Kuzin Е.N., Zagarskih V.I., Efanov V.V.
Solution of task of the shock wave attenuation in an obstacle during contact explosion of high-energy material charge

Evgrafov A.E., Pol V.G.
Geometry of the Earth sounding by space radar using synthetic aperture technology and geolocation of the acquired images

Golomazov M.M., Ivankov A.A.
Computational and theoretical study of the impact of the Mars atmosphere on the «ExoMars-2018» descent module during aerodynamic braking

Kotomin А.А., Harchenko V.V., Dushenok S.A., Vasilev A.V., Efanov V.V., Gorovtsov V.V.
Analytical and experimental studies of strength and reliability of indestructible detonation translators of spacecraft separation systems

Shirshakov A.E., Novichkov V.M., Savkin L.V., Makarov A.S.
Enhancement of the functional capabilities of control and diagnostic system for SC onboard control system due to built-in reconfigurable computing structures

Matushin M.M., Mishurova N.V., Skobelev P.O., Laruhin V.B.
Intelligent technologies for decision support during parrying emergency situations on international space station (completion)

Barabanov А.А., Vyatlev P.А., Larchenko Yu.V., Sergeev D.V., Stekolshchikov O.Yu., Suborev K.G., Sysoev V.К.
Laser perforation of film polymeric materials for spacecraft's multi-layer insulation

Ivanyukhin A.V., Petukhov V.G.
Optimization of spacecraft with minimum power solar electric propulsion system interplanetary trajectories

Konstantinov M.S., Nguyen D.N.
Analysis of ballistic capabilities for rejection of disturbances connected with temporary contingency cutoff of the electric propulsion

Sentsov Ju.I., Hmelshchikov M.V.
The dependence between the weight of the Earth remote sensing spacecraft and the spatial resolution of imaging equipment

Ivanov N.N., Ivanov A.N.
On-board module for extraterrestrial particles capture and its return to the Earth

Mozgovoy Y.V.
The concepts used to develop hardware and software for control unit of electrical devices of automatic autonomic long-living spacecraft

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