Issue: 03'2016

03'2016 On the pages of this journal issue the articles of the outstanding scientists have been published which present the results of astrophysical observations of RadioAstron observatory and the justifications of the experiments planned in frame of Spektr-UF mission.




Editorial article

Kardashev N.S., Alakoz A.V. et al.

RADIOASTRON five years after launch: main science results

Zaslavskiy G.S., Zakhvatkin M.V., Stepanyants V.A., Tuchin A.G., Shishov V.A.

Ballistics-navigation support of the spacecraft flight control and implementation of Radiostron program scientific program. 5 years of flight

Rastorguev A.S., Sachkov M.E., Zabolotskikh M.V.

Galactic Astronomy in UV

Wiebe D.S.

Observations in UV band and problems of star formation studies

Makarova L.N., Makarov D.I.

Prospects of the WSO-UV project for study of a star formation in nearby dwarf Galaxies

Panchuk V.E., Klochkova V.G., Sachkov M.E.

Experimental UV-spectroscopy

Sachkov M.E., Malkov O.Yu.

Web-resources for astronomical data in the ultraviolet

Efanov V.V., Martynov M.B., Karchaev Kh.Zh.

About the scientific potential of Science and Production Association named after Semeon A. Lavochkin

Martynov M.B., Merkulov P.V., Lomakin I.V., Vyatlev P.A., Platov I.V., Leun E.V., Nasyrov A.F.

Laplace-P an advanced Russian project aimed at Jupiter planetary system research. Development of spacecraft conceptual design

Kazmerchuk P.V.

The Method of Linearization in optimization problems of low thrust spacecraft trajectories. Computational aspects

Barabanov A.A., Milyukov V.K., Moskatiniev I.V., Nesterin I.M., Sysoev V.K., Yudin A.D.

Relativistic gravitational experiment in the Earth orbit: concept, technology and configuration of satellite constellation

Laptev M.Yu., Li E.K., Netrebenko R.V., Chulin A.N.

Spacecraft attitude errors estimation by flight-test results in different flight phases

Erofeev A.I., Nikiforov A.P., Popov G.A., Suvorov M.O., Syrin S.A., Khartov S.A.

Development of Air-Electrorocket Ramjet for Compensating of Low-Orbit Spacecrafts Aerodynamic Drag

Zagarskih V.I., Kuzin .N., Efanov V.V.

Detonating fuse-triggering device

Kuznetsov D.A., Telepnev P.P., Ermakov V.Yu.

The approach to the issue of predicted perturbation levels for electric flywheel electric actuators

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