Issue: 03'2017

03'2017 <p>The articles published in this issue cover an enhanced method for definition of resolution capability of space radar with synthetic aperture, the procedure of the programs calculation of the multipulse two-parameter inclination corrections and circular orbits altitudes, the article considers the development of the technology of CUBESAT nanosatellites standard unit, etc.




Zanin K.A., Moskatinev I.V.
Improvement of procedures for the resolution capacity evaluation of synthetic aperture space radar
Nazarov ..
Usage of multi-impulse bi-parameter corrections programs for change of circular orbit inclination and altitude
Nesterin I.M., Pichhadze K.M., Sysoev V.K., Finchenko V.S., Firsyuk S.O., Yudin A.D.
Proposal for the creature device to deorbit nanosatellites CubeSat in low earth orbit
Gurov R.I., Platov I.V.
The aspects of thermal conditions of monopropellant propulsion system of small spacecraft at fire tests in gas-dynamic thermal vacuum chamber
Kuzin .N., Zagarskih V.I., Efanov V.V., Gasheev D.V.
Engineering methodology of assessment f spacecraft structure shock loads levels at triggering of separation pyro mechanisms
Golomazov M.M., Ivankov A.A.
Software package for the development of thermal protection systems for space vehicles descended in the atmospheres of the planets
Ananiev A.I., Shibalov M.V., Kurkov A.A., Borshev Y.P., Kurkin S.E., Sevastianov A.S.
Studies of microstructure and properties of the 316L chrome-nickel steel, obtained by selective laser melting method
Petrov A.S., Prilutskiy A.A.
Projection of phased antenna array gain pattern on the Earths surface
Ivanov N.N., Shabarchin A.F.
Thermal Control System liquid ground facilities using thermostats for testing of the unmanned spacecraft, verification of their modules and mockups by Lavochkin Association
Zolotoy S..
Normative support of design and development of Earth remote sensing space system
Kazakovtsev V.P., Koryanov V.V., Toporkov .G.
Impact of inflatable braking device on dynamics of angular motion of space descent vehicle
Orlov .I., Tsisarskiy .D.
Evaluation model of the programmes risks while design & development of rocket and space technologies
Svetushkov N.N., Tulin I.D.
Interactive software environment for the processing of streaming telemetry data on thermal conditions for the spacecraft Spektr-RG
Danilkin N.P., Zhbankov G.A., Zhuravlev S.V., Kotonaeva N.G., Lapshin V.B., Romanov I.V., Filippov M.Y., Khotenko E.N.
Radiosounding of the high-latitude ionosphere with Arktika-M hydrometeorological complex
Bakhtin .G., Titov V..
Post-flight loading analysis at launch vehicle trajectory atmospheric log

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