Issue: 04'2014

04'2014 This topical issue is devoted to the first centenary of Georgy N. Babakins birth who was the Hero of Socialist Labour, the laureate of the Lenin Prize, the Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Chief Designer of Engineering plant named after S.A. Lavochkin. The issue presents the articles about his life and creative work as a distinguished designer of space technologies, as well about Luna-9, Luna-10, Lunokhod, Venera-7, Mars-3 spacecraft developed by him. The articles are written by employees of such organizations as Federal Enterprise Lavochkin Association, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of Russian Academ of Sciences, Space Research Institute (IKI RAN), TsNIImash, Academician Pilyugin Center and others. Many authors of the articles were acquainted with G.N. Babakin and worked with him.




Khartov V.V., Romanov V.., Pichkhadze ..
All life of Chief Designer of scientific robotic space complexes – Georgy N. Babakin

Marov M.Ya.
About Georgy N. Babakin

Molotov .P.
Our colleague – Georgy N. Babakin

Zelenyi L.M., Zaytsev Yu.I.
Automatic vehicles can everything!

Gubaydullin V.Sh., Evich .F., Zemlyanskiy B.., Kazakov .N., Uspenskiy G.R., Cheremuhina Z.P.
Cooperation between TsNII mash and Lavochkin Association within the period of Georgy N. Babakin’s activity

Golovin Yu..
The collaboration that enriched everybody

Mezhiritskiy .L., Ivanovskiy .., Kovrizhkin L.N., Zhuravenkov S.N., Khristophorenko V..
Scientific and technical collaboration of 50-year duration

Aksenov .Yu., Tretiyakov Yu.N.
In the interests of strategic stability and military security of Russia

Evgrafov A.E., Pol V.G.
On the question of space interferometrical imaging of the Earth surface relief by synthetic aperture radar

Goncharov K..
Control methods of Loop Heat Pipes

Belonogov O.B.
The regression methods of energetic losses parametrical identification for rocket steering actuators gear pumps

Krit B.L., Tikhonov S.A., Sorokin V.A., Frantskevich V.P., Somov O.V.
Improved combined methods of aerospace materials surface treatment by concentrated energy fluxes

Ageenko Yu.I., Panin I.G., Pegin I.V., Smirnov I.A.
Assurance of small thrust LPRE high performance and reliability with deflector centrifugal mixing scheme

Bagrov A.V., Nesterin I.M., Pichkhadze K.M., Sysoev V.K., Sysoev A.K., Yudin A.D.
Analysis methods of construction designs lunar stations

Lovtsov D.A., Loban .V.
The new effective technology of the measurement data distributed processing by S/C automated control system

Matushin M.M., Mishurova N.V., Skobelev P.O., Laruhin V.B.
Intelligent technologies for decision support during parrying emergency situations on International Space Station

Smulsky A.V., Alexeev S.I., Kudryavtsev Y.E.
To the issue of onboard equipment ensure sustainability of the advanced spacecraft with respect to multiple failures from the actions of the space individual nuclear particles

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