Issue: 04'2015

04'2015 This issue of the journal takes up the following issues: ways and means of research and information analysis of asteroid comet hazard; behavior of attenuation of axis-symmetrical shock waves in envelopes of detonating extended charges; selection of optimum option for configuration of the combined propulsion system and flight profile for Interhelio Zond SC. An advanced space system for geostationary orbit observations, new anti-reflection multi-layer insulation, state-of-the-art vacuum technologies for protective coatings engineering and many other topics are described herein.




Shustov B.., Sachkov ..
Alexander Alekseevich Boyarchuk

Kulagin V.P., Shustov B.M., Kuznetsov Yu.M., Kaperko A.F., Bober S.A., Obolyaeva N.M., Naroenkov S.A., Shuvalov V.V., Svettsov V.V., Popova O.P., Glazachev D.O.
Methods and means of information-analytical assessment of asteroid
and comet hazard

Klimenko N.N., Nazarov A.E.
Advanced space-borne system for surveillance of geostationary orbit

Kuzin .N., Zagarskih V.I., Efanov V.V.
Laws of attenuation of axisymmetric shock waves in detonating linear cutting charges cases

Platov I.V., Simonov A.V., Konstantinov M.S.
Selection of efficient option of the combined propulsion system design and the flight profile of the Interhelio-Zond spacecraft

Kazmerchuk P.V.
Linearization method for optimization of low thrust spacecraft trajectories. Theoretical aspects

Finchenko V.S., Ivankov A.A., Aleksashkin S.N., Ostreshko B.A.
Graphic-analytical method of definition of the descent module parameters at entry into the Earths atmosphere during rocket thermal protection testing

Matveev Yu.A., Lamzin V.A., Lamzin V.V.
Method of predictive researches of spacecraft modifications effectiveness at integrated replacement of subsystems

Bibarsov N.F., Strizhenko P.P.
Verification of Flowvision simulation system capabilities in modeling of cryogenic oxygen flow in channel with dimpled surface

Alekseev S.V., Aksenova I.V., Belokrilova V.V., Ivanova E.K., Kolesnikova E.M., Kharitonova E.V.
New anti-glare screen-vacuum thermal insulation for spacecraft

Konstantinov M.S., Min Thein
Quasioptimal flight trajectories to Jupiter with the sequence of near-the-Earth gravity-assist maneuvers

Komovkin S.V., Lavrenov S.M., Tuchin A.G., Tuchin D.A., Yaroshevsky V.S.

Celestial-mechanical interpretation of the two-way radio measurements of radial velocity of spacecraft for scientific applications

Vasin V.A., Sorokin V.A., Frantskevich V.P., Somov O.V., Apelfeld A.V.
The up-to-date vacuum technologies of protective coatings for rocket-and-space industry articles

Mozgovoy Yu.V.
Basic principles and algorithms of module control- management for applied task of provision of the spacecrafts electric equipment functioning

Golubev Yu.F., Tuchin A.G., Grushevskii A.V., Koryanov V.V., Tuchin D.A., Morskoy I.M., Simonov A.V., Dobrovolskii V.S.
The main methods of trajectories synthesis for gravity assist space missions
to the Jupiter system with landing on one of its satellites

Larionov E.V.
Poems on the 1st and 4th cover pages

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