Issue: 04'2016

04'2016 We would like to bring to your attention the issue dedicated to the spacecraft of Luna family. The issue provides retrospective review of Luna-9 and Luna-10 spacecraft and review of advanced Luna-25 SC and other spacecraft which are currently under development to support further lunar research.




Efanov V.V., Dolgopolov V.P.

The Moon. From studies to exploration (on 50th anniversary of LUNA-9 and LUNA-10 satellites)

Kazmerchuk P.V., Martynov M.B., Moskatiniev I.V., Sysoev V.K., Yudin A.D.

LUNA-25 Spacecraft the basis of the new lunar exploration

Kuznetsov I.A., Zakharov A.V., Dolnikov G.G., Lyash A.N., Afonin V.V., Popel S.I., Shashkova I.A., Borisov N.D. 

Lunar dust: properties and investigation techniques

Lemeshevskii S.., Lavochkina L.L., Beresnev .G., Komarov M.A.

Beryllium materials applications in Lavochkin Associations programs

Gordienko E.S., Ivashkin V.V., Simonov A.V.

Moon artificial satellite orbits stability analysis and lunar navigation satellite system configuring

Stepanov V.V.

Perspectives of development of hydrometeorological services by means of multi-purpose space system ARCTIC

Kazmerchuk P.V.

The Method of Linearization in optimization problems of low thrust spacecraft trajectories. Implementation details

Evgrafov .E., Pol V.G.

Revising the formation of spacecraft near-circular low-altitude earth orbits

Gorovtsov V.V., Zhiryakov A.V., Telepnev P.P., Petrov Yu.A., Bernikov A.S.

Dynamic analysis and design approach to transformable structures of the EXOMARS Landing Module

Klimenko N.N., Goncharov K.A.

Preliminary design of experimental solar-powered pseudo satellites for validation of long endurance continious flight

Khokhlachev E.N., Shakhanov A.E.

Justification of requirements to the procured house-keeping systems and devices for spacecraft development and modernization

Glazov B.I.

Rationalization of the information measures of the processes in air-and-space cyber informatics

Sakharov .V., Sredin V.G., Chishko V.F., Avtin ..

Evaluation of occurrence conditions of irreversible effects of interaction of mid infrared pulse laser radiation on InSb matrix photodetector

Panteleyev A.V., Panovskiy V.N.

Application of interval method of explosions for search of optimal open-loop control of the solar sail

Rozin P.E.

Method of validation of on-board software for attitude control system of AURIGA small spacecraft for Earth observations

Cho Hyunjai, Matveev Y.A.

Development of high-orbit space systems for environment monitoring

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