Issue: 04'2018

04'2018 Read from this issue about the Venera-D mission scenario and trajectory; the future of ground and extraterrestrial studies of comets and meteors in the period following the Rosetta mission; the proposals for development of engineering infrastructure as an important step of the Moon exploration. In addition, the issue describes definition of thermal and physical characteristics of the lunar soil surface layer in natural environment; development of the magnetic disturbances model from the small SC structural elements and many other things.




Golomazov M.M., Ivankov A.A. Numerical study of the physical and chemical processes in the shock layer on the trajectory of the returned vehicle in air atmosphere

Eismont N.A., Zasova L.V., Simonov A.V., Kovalenko I.D., Gorinov D.A., Abbakumov A.S., Bober S.A. VENERA-D mission scenario and trajectory

Sachkov M.E. Prospects of terrestrial and exoatmospheric investigations of comets and meteors in the post-ROSETTA mission era

Bagrov .V., Mitkin A.S., Moskatiniev I.V., Sysoev V.K., Yudin A.D. Proposal for the development of engineering infrastructure as a key milestone of Lunar exploration

Goncharov K.A., Katin A.A., Korzhov K.N., Kupershtein V.B., Tulin D.V., Shabarchin A.F. Modelling of radiative coolers operating environment conditions at thermal vacuum tests for cryostatting of electronic optical equipment photo detectors

Dudkin K.K., Alifanov O.M., Makarov V.P. Determination of the thermophysical characteristics of the surface layer of the lunar soil in natural conditions

Milov A.E., Rozin P.E. Development of the magnetic disturbances model from the elements of the microsatellite structure and investigation of their influence on the orientation and stabilization system

Klimenko N.N. Analytical models for estimation of LEO satellites capabilities to detect, geolocate and identify C-, X-, Ku-, Ka-band satellite communications terminals. Part 2. Analytical model for estimation of LEO satellites capabilities

Shevchenko S.N., Sova A.N., Kulakov A.N., Nikolaev A.V., Shulga V.M., Svist V.V., Smirnov M.E. Implementation of the new fueling technology at the filling-and-neutralization station of Vostochnyi cosmodrome and review of results of the first Fregat upper stage filling

Nazarov .. Control of tandem configuration geometry for the purposes of bistatic interferometric survey

Mamedov I.E., Suleimanov .I., Ismailov .Kh., Asadov Kh.G. Development of the cyber physical optimization method for the reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles operations

Petrov A.S., Prilutskiy A.A., Volchenkov A.S. Calculation methodic of main space synthetic aperture radar parameters dependence from vehicle flight altitude and its orbit inclination to equatorial plane

Ivanov N.N., I.. Shirokov I.. Pseudo spacecraft flight to the Earth stratosphere for long-term continuous observations

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