Issue: 03' 2019

03' 2019 A new issue of the journal presents the articles describing the design & development concept of the spacecraft double-launch system as a part of the Upper Stages of Fregat family; atmospheric modelling to ensure control of the descent module motion; a new method of automatic control of dustiness of the spacecraft outer conditions during thermal-vacuum tests and etc.




Kolmykov V.., Shirshkov .., Ishin S.V., Asushkin V.., Vikulenkov V.P., Fedoskin D.I. The concept of design & development of the spacecraft double launch system as a part of the Upper Stages of Fregat family

Vlasenkov E.V., Zefirov I.V., Khamidullina N.., Kombaev T.S. Peculiarities of the lunar rovers designing taking into account the radiation effect from the space and on-board radioisotopic heat units

Gordienko E.S., Khudorozhkov P.A., Simonov A.V. The return from the Moon trajectories optimization for delivering soil to the given area of the Earths surface

Ivanov N.N., Dobritsa D.B., Yaschenko B.Yu. A new way of automated dust control of the spacecraft outer atmosphere at thermal-vacuum testing

Evgrafov A.E., Pol V.G., Simonov A.V., Schirhakov A.E. Estimation of potential possibility of determining the topography of the locality in space radar survey

Kuzin .N., Zagarskih V.I., Efanov V.V., Gasheev D.V. Model of impulse progression and transmission in small detonation devices

Bagrov A.V., Vernigora L.V., Kazmerchuk P.V., Sysoev V.K. Prediction of observation sessions of the spacecraft equipped with optical laser beacons by means of ground-based optical observation facilities

Pelevin F.V., Ponomarev A.V., Shatskii O.E., Lokhanov I.V. Reduction of hydraulic losses in pebble bed reactor for the nuclear power propulsion systems for the advanced spacecraft

Lovtsov D.A., Chernov V.V. Optimization of on-board antenna complex of the test object when the telemetry transmit through relay satellite system

Vyazankin A.S., Tsvetkova N.D., Vargin P.N., Yushkov V.A. Atmospheric modeling for ensuring controlling the movement of the returned vehicle

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