Issue: 02'2021

02'2021 The second issue of the journal tells about the historical events associated with the launch of the Luna-10 and Mars-3 spacecraft; new-generation spacecraft for the study of an artificial Earth satellite and the program to study the red planet.




Efanov V.V., Moisheev .. The first space project by Georgy N. Babakin

Zanin .., Moskatinev I.V. Basic approaches to a priori assessment of the end-to-end datapath quality of a space synthetic aperture radar

Gordienko E.S., Simonov A.V., Khudorozhkov P.A. Construction of spacecrafts return trajectories from the Moon to the Earth, delivering regolith samples to a defined zone of Russian Federation

Bugrova .D., Kotlyarov .Yu., Finchenko V.S. Procedure for preliminary thermal analysis of the lunar lander instrument panel. Part 1. Rapid analysis of the instrument panel thermal environment

Zarubin V.S., Zimin V.N., Leonov V.V., Zarubin V.S. Analysis of thermal protection using an anisothropic material during descent of the return capsule

Mukhin V.A., Chebotarev V.E. Using the space relay systems for information support of space missions

Zubkov G.A., Ivanov I.G., Golovin N.M., Bondareva M.K. The technique of forming the proposals on the replenishment of the multi-satellite orbital constellation basing on the k-means method

Smetyukhova T.N. Review of blackbodies models used in aerospace vehicles. Part 1. Classical models of onboard blackbodies

Kostin A.V., Shumskih I.Y., Ruzanov A.V. Development of method of calculation of width of conductors of circuit boards with the improved heat extraction working in the conditions of space vacuum

Kolobov .Yu., Pirogov .V., Rozhkov V.V. Principles and basic radical layouts for development of the planning and control system database for the operation of the spacecraft purpose designed hardware

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