Issue: 04'2021

04'2021 The journal covers articles on particular aspects of design, engineering and operation of heat pipes in the Landers Thermal Control System, feasible options for the spacecraft components sterilization, and results of numerical study of the corrugation geometry impacting the protective properties of net meteor shield.




Moisheev .., Shostak S.V. The man, the legend (to the 100th anniversary of Oleg Genrikhovich Ivanovskiy)

Kazmerchuk P.V., Vernigora L.V. The method of linearization in optimization problems of low thrust spacecraft trajectories. Optimal nodes layout

Aleksandrov L.G., Konstantinov S.B., Korolkov A.V., Sapozhnikov V.B. Space vehicle fuel tank with propellant managenent device

Jukov B.I., Lichachev V.N., Rozin P.E., Sikharulidze Y.G., Tuchin A.G., Tuchin D.A. Spacecraft motion control during the Moon surface landing stage

Panin Y.V., Antonov V.A., Balykin M.A., Bondarenko V.A., Kholyakov A.E. About design and operation of heat pipes as part of the thermal control systems of the landing module of interplanetary stations for the study of the solar system bodies

Zakharenko D.V., Khamidullina N.M., Ustinov S.N. The choice of the sterilization method of the descent and landing subsystems of spacecraft to the planet with atmosphere

Bannikov A.V., Popov V.B. Calculation of local dose loads radio-electronic on-board apparatus for the spacecraft with a nuclear power plant

Dobritsa D.B., Yashchenko B.Yu., Pashkov S.V., Khristenko Yu.F. On the question of the geometry of corrugation and its influence on the protective properties of the metal mesh meteoroid protection shield

Makarov V.P., Samoilov S.Yu. Increased sensitivity of the generalized indicator of the effectiveness of space observation systems to the geometric quality of target information of remote sensing spacecraft

Khamidullina N.M., Zefirov I.V., Chernikov P.S. Analysis of single event effects created by space ionizing radiation in the microcircuits of the interplanetary spacerafts radio-electronic equipment

Gravchenko Yu.A., Kozlov V.V., Kukushkin I.O. Model of the process of functioning of the subject of operation of rocket and space technology

Bogatyi .V., Bedrin Yu.K., Dyakonov G.., Lapshinova O.V., Lyubinskaya N.V., Nagapetyan M.K., Popov G.., Semenikhin S.., Tyutin V.., Yakovlev V.N. Pulsed Plasma Injector IPI-500 for Scientific Experiments on Board the International Space Station

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