Requirements to the materials for publication in the journal

1. The articles on the space systems and technologies, which meet Russian Higher Attestation Commission criteria on scientific novelty and approbation of results presented by full-scale experiments (tests), flight operations or invention patent (utility model), are accepted for publication in Vestnik NPO im. S.A. Lavochkin.

2. Reviewers are appointed by the editor-in-chief or on his behalf by the deputy editor-in-chief of the journal.

3. The articles from other organizations are sent to Lavochkin Association with a covering letter addressed to the editor-in-chief of the journal. Formalized expert report and reviews are to be attached to the article.

4. A license treaty on transfer of non-exclusive rights is concluded between authors and editorial board.

5. The article shall be signed by all authors. The article text shall be at least 12 and no more than 17 pages, contain 8 figures and 15 bibliographic references. All pages shall be numbered.

6. Statement of the materials should be clear, logically structured in the following order:
UDC index (on the left)
 authors initials and last name, academic title and science degree of each author, position, place of employment (full organization name, country, city), contact information (e-mail), title of article, summary (57 lines), key words(56 words) in Russian and in English; 
body text;
list of references. 

7. The article is to be submitted in one copy made on printer on one side of format A4 standard page. 

8. Text and formulas is to be typed in MS Word 2010, using font Time New Roman, font size 14, spacing one and half. Fields from all the sides 25 mm.

9. Formulas are to be typed in Latin, font size 14. Only formulas, referenced in the text, are to be enumerated.

10. All letter symbols and abbreviations is to be expanded. Dimension of values shall be in SI system. 

11. All elements from the list of references shall contain last name and initials of the author, full title of the work. Place of publication, editorial office, date of publication, number of pages are to be provided for the books. The title of the journal or book, date of publication, volume, number, number of the first and the last page shall be written for articles. 

12. Figures and diagrams are to be made in color, should be clear and should not need redrawing. The text font in illustrative materials is Arial Reg, from small letters (except titles and names). 

13. Tables shall be enumerated, have a short description, line spacing is single in tables description, central alignment. Text in tables is typed from small letters, without bold. 

14. After acceptance of the article for publication, submit it in electronic form to the email address the following files:

formed article, file type .docx;

Figures, plots, file types .jpg, or .tiff, resolution at least 300 dpi, the size is not more than A4 format;

Authors photos, file types .jpg, or .tiff, resolution at least 300 dpi, size not less than 10×15

Information about authors, file type .docx.

Information about the author should contain: name (full), academic title and science degree, PhD student or candidate for a degree, home and office numbers (with area code), mobile phone (preferable), e-mail, address for sending authors copy.

You can get the consultation about the right filling of submitted materials from the editorial staff. Please contact us by phone: +7 (495) 575-55-63.

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